Diagram Importance in Architecture

Diagram Importance in Architecture

Architectural sketches are important for architects and designers because they help them communicate building ideas and show people the future design in a compelling way. They also provide a useful reference tool, which can be updated as the design progresses. Just like the representation power of sketches, architectural diagrams are used to sketch the building with all its components before starting to build them.

Whichever type you prefer, architectural diagrams are one of the simplest and most impressive ways to describe your project. The diagram types depends on what you need it for and where you want it displayed. One of the most common is site analysis diagram, which is used to show where buildings will be positioned on land or property, as well as interior layouts. You can create many different types of architectural diagrams like this, depending on the content of your project, environmental factors, and the direction you want to influence.

Diagram Importance in Architecture
Structural Diagram Credit: Gallery of Competition Winning Scheme Weaves Kindergarten and Nature Together – 13 (archdaily.com)

Architectural diagrams are architectural drawings that illustrates the structural design of a building and its surroundings. These drawings include structural and non-structural details and shows how these elements assemble to produce the finished structure.

The two basic types of diagrams are exploded axonometric diagrams, which show the internal workings of a building, and external drawings, described by their orientation in relation to surrounding buildings or other fixed objects. Other common types of diagrams include cross-sections, which illustrate the organization of interior space through vertical slices; long-section drawings, which depict in detail the perspective from one end of a given section; floor plans showing exterior walls or ceiling surfaces with or without furnishings or objects; foundation plan views; and numerous variations.

Diagram Importance in Architecture
Concept Diagram Credit: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/636766834831128136/


Concept diagrams are one of the methods that best describe the design process and reflect how the project has developed. If you want to perfect your architectural presentations and explain your projects with diagrams in the best way, you need to specialize in concept diagrams. This type of diagram is valid for all micro or macro scale projects. There are different phases in the development of each project and we explain with these diagrams which stages are passed until the ideas are formed.

Diagram Importance in Architecture
Circulation Diagram Credit: Gallery of Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing / Arup Associates – 24 (archdaily.com)

Each architectural diagram can be completed and developed through many software. It is your choice as the creator of the project to show your design process with 3 or 2 dimensional diagrams according to the needs of your project. From concept development to indoor organization, diagrams can make for great presentations.

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