Architectural Portfolio Design Tips

Architectural Portfolio Design Tips

An architectural portfolio is essential for job applications, master’s and doctoral interviews. For this reason, architectural portfolio design is always on the agenda of architects and will always stay with updated trends. In this article, we have provided the best tips for architects considering updating their portfolio or looking to create a new one. We recommend that you do not prepare your portfolio without taking a look at these tips.

Unique Cover Design

Architectural Portfolio Design Tips
Credit: Architecture Portfolio 2022 on Behance
The cover is the step where you create the first impression in the portfolio. For a portfolio cover, doing good research and making a simple but effective design is the trick. Portfolio covers with a simple and minimalist design will be more impressive. In this step, be sure to design a portfolio cover with catchy and unique lines. Feel free to show off your graphic design skills!
Architectural Portfolio Design Tips
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Before designing a portfolio, you can take a look at the work of graphic designers and illustrators for inspiration. You can include the collages and sketches that will best represent you in the cover design. In this step, your name and the year you prepared the portfolio should be written on the cover page. It will be sufficient to show that it is an up-to-date portfolio and to give the name of the owner of the portfolio.

Quality Content

While your portfolio is being reviewed by experts, it does not take too long between project pages. Therefore, the portfolio should have few and high quality content. When choosing a project, include the projects and drawings that show your talents the best. Be sure to arrange your projects in order from best to worst. It is important that the work you are proud of is a priority in your portfolio.

Architectural Portfolio Design Tips
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In addition, the number of content in the portfolio is not too large, which is ideal for an average portfolio if the long portfolio requirement is not specified.

Introduce Yourself

One of the most time-consuming pages is your resume, where your education, work experience, competencies and personal information will be found. Make sure you make a simple, high-quality design for Resume that is easy to read. Introduce yourself in the shortest and most effective way with your CV.

Architectural Portfolio Design Tips
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Using a Successful Template

Designing the portfolio using a successful template will change the whole impression. By using our portfolio templates while designing your portfolio, you can create a great composition in the easiest way.

Architectural Portfolio Design Tips
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