Architectural Presentation Techniques

Architectural Presentation Techniques

In architecture, “representation” and “presentation” are concepts that support each other and should never be separated. As well as representation (plan, section, model, etc.), presentation is also very important and necessary for architectural projects. When presenting architecture, it is imperative that the presentation needs to be just as specific and detailed as architecture itself.

Architectural Presentation Techniques
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Architectural presentation is all about presenting your final design to the client, this presentation’s success relies a lot on the presentation boards. For this reason, you can make your architectural presentations with many different techniques. The most popular presentation technique is to create architectural presentation boards and sheets. It is impossible for a project whose architectural presentation is not completed successfully to be appreciated by the juries in architecture school or architectural competitions and clients in professional business life.

Architectural Presentation Techniques
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The presentation board is a critical component in architectural presentations. There are many presentation trends that have emerged in the field of architecture, but one of the most important is improving presentation boards. The aim of this blog post is to discuss some best practices for creating better architecture presentation boards.

You are expected to be very good at software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator in order to develop architectural presentation boards for architectural presentations to best represent your project. Designers who use this software well can make their projects stand out both in architectural competitions and against their customers in the best way possible. Designing architectural presentation boards, as in other architectural productions, actually goes through applying basic design principles. You can get great presentations of the projects that are designed by you through the software that you are sure to use well.

Architectural Presentation Techniques
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Our aim in these presentations is to impress the customers or the jury members with our project, right? You can use fast and impressive solutions by following the latest technology in your presentations. Nowadays, with the development of technologies such as AR and VR, there has been an improvement in architectural presentations. There are some presentation techniques for architecture and current trends for architectural presentations.

Architectural Presentation Techniques
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Presenting the project with virtual reality experience, thanks to VR glasses, is one of the new trends among architectural firms. In addition, it is also very popular for mimes to use augmented reality to present 2D plans to their customers with 3D realistic render models. According to psychoanalyst Freud, experiences are another way to refresh memory. With such experiences, you can keep the projects in the minds of your customers.

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